Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I should have linked to this several days ago, but better late than never.
Also in "Hey! I know that Guy!" news...
Whisky Prajer has had two articles published:
* Borrow a Story from Your Local Seed Library  and
* Following the Trail to Culinary History

...as someone who has zero interest in either topic, I have to admit that I approached both of these articles with low hopes.  But then I found myself so easily carried by Whisky's readable prose that I ended up reading and enjoying both.

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Whisky Prajer said...

Thanks Joel. Back when I worked the typewriter store we were encouraged to "get to know the machines" when it was slow. I remember choosing one and opening a business magazine to start typing a random financial piece. There I was, dozily hammering out some other guy's words, when it gradually dawned on me that what he was saying was actually really interesting. So this is very high praise indeed -- thank you.