Sunday, March 20, 2016

English World 3 Vocabulary for Unit 3

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks)

Nearly one year teaching out of the English World textbook series, and I'm just now discovering that they have vocabulary lists for every unit.  (This information was hidden away on the supplemental software, and so I just discovered it the other day while I was fooling around with it.)

Ever since I read The Lexical Approach by Michael Lewis (review coming eventually), I've been really big at building vocabulary as the key to language learning.
More immediately, knowledge of this vocabulary will help the students get through the unit that much easier.
And, in my school at least, some of these vocabulary items will show up on the test.

So, I decided to start making Google Slides presentations for each unit for all of the vocabulary in the word list.  The slides show the picture and definition first, allowing me to quickly quiz the students on the vocabulary at the top of every lesson.

I've pretty much copied and pasted everything directly as it was from the English World wordlist.  The choice of vocabulary items, the definitions, and in most cases the pictures are all just taken from their wordlist, with very little creativity on my part.

Google (slides, pub)

I also included a quizlet quiz for the students to study at home. (docs, pub)

English World 3 Unit 3

English World 3 Unit 3

English World 3 Unit 3

English World 3 Unit 3

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