Thursday, May 10, 2007

We've Got Internet

So, we're finally hooked up with internet over here, and my blogging and e-mailing access should be a lot easier. (Assuming nothing crashes in the near future. I don't trust technology).

We were supposed to have internet hooked up way back in February shortly after I first arrived back in Japan, but you know how these things go. Internet companies can be just as slow and frustrating in Japan as in the US, the install date kept getting pushed back and pushed back.

In the meantime I was using internet cafes. You've probably noticed this blog hasn't suffered too much during the interim, which I guess might be sign of an unhealthy addiction, but I've already admitted this long ago.

E-mail correspondence however, and my comments on your blogs have undoubtedly suffered during this time. Sorry about that. Hope you didn't think I was neglecting you guys. I plan to get back in the swing of regular commenting and e-mailing in the near future.

In other news this week...
Unfortunately for me the "O.C." has made its way over to Japan, and is now being shown on television here and rented in the local video stores. Shoko has gotten addicted hook line and sinker, and has been working her way through the season one DVDs. I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible, but when someone in your apartment is watching something, you can't help but absorb it a little.

We had a little talk the other day and agreed we were probably both watching too many videos, and agreed to try and cut back and do more reading and listening to music. Then the next day she rents a CD of Luther Vandross music. Oh well, I guess relationships are all about sacrifice.

Link of the Day
Maria was apparently going through her old papers the other day, and found a poem I wrote for her back in my Sophomore year. I had forgotten all about this, but as she mentions in her blog, this was part of a series of poems I agreed to write after losing a bet:

Dearest Maria,
You represent to me the best of all the future has to offer.
You are like the 2 of Hearts.
Like the Queen of Hearts,
The Ace of any suite.
If you were a tree, I would be the 4 of spades
If You were sugar, I would be the 8 of any suite
Without Your Love, I am the 10 of clubs.
To obtain your sweet company, I would draw a joker.
With you, I feel richer than any diamond.
My deck of cards will never be complete
Until you give me back my Heart.

Hmmmm. I'd like to think my sense of humor has moved beyond this point when I used to try and substitute randomness for wittiness. But to be fair to myself, good poems are hard to come up with right on the spot. At any rate, I'm glad Maria has hung onto it after all these years, and that it still gave her a laugh.

1 comment:

Maria said...

I think someday in 100 years someone will discover these poems and loads of school children will have to read them and discuss what they mean.

Thanks for the laugh.