Wednesday, June 06, 2018

More People Arguing About Star Wars

[The subtitle for this is something about how I  know I spend way too much time online, and I'm trying to get my bad habits under control.  But since I've already watched these videos, I'm going to briefly blog about them.]

Boy, people on the Internet really love to argue about Star Wars, huh?  That debate about The Last Jedi is still going back and forth.
I was very generous to The Last Jedi.  (10 out of 10 stars).  The amount of hate this film has gathered has caused me to occasionally doubt myself.  But then, it's gotten a lot of praise from people to.
Shaun, a youtuber I've stumbled upon recently, and really like, has released a new defense of The Last Jedi.

Why I Love The Last Jedi

In other Youtube News:

* Jenny Nicholson (another Youtuber I love) has a video about Solo.  She hates it.  I loved it.  But I enjoyed her video nonetheless.   (If someone is very good at articulating their opinions, it can be enjoyable to listen to them even if you don't agree.)

* Movie Bob (another Youtuber I love) has a video about why Solo bombed at the box office, and how we nerds on the Internet completely lost perspective on things.  This video was a much needed wake-up call.

* And Lindsey Ellis (another Youtuber I love) on The Ideology of the First Order.

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