Friday, June 08, 2018

I'm reading Facebook, and I'm a bit surprised at how much Anthony Bourdain meant to people.  (He was someone I knew from TV, but that's about all the emotional connection I had to him.)

But since everyone is telling about their Anthony Bourdain influences, here's mine.
I live right next to the Lunch Lady in Saigon.  And I've eaten at her stall, simply for no other reason than because Anthony Bourdain made her famous.

Anthony Bourdain the Lunch Lady of Saigon

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Chi Chi said...

I am surprised because he is the one who made Lunch Lady famous. For me, the food there is not good at all. Plus, the way they serve the food and the way the foreigners have to pay more make me sick. But I feel really sorry when I heard the news. I still remember the day he and Obama ate "Bún chả"(kind of noodles soup) in Hanoi.