Monday, April 16, 2018

Today in "Hey! I Know that Guy!"
Some friends from Cambodia were visiting the other day, and caught me up on some of the gossip.  Apparently one of our former co-workers has made international news within the past couple weeks:

From the Daily Mirror (which is one of several British tabloids to have picked up this story:
Holy cow! Cops catch British fugitive after 12 years on the run when dispute with his neighbour over cattle leads officers to his cannabis farm

And there are even videos:

One meets a lot of interesting characters in the ESL scene in Cambodia. 
This was something I didn't realize before I accepted the job and flew out there, but it was something that became readily apparent once I got there.  Cambodia has a reputation of attracting people who have been in trouble of one sort or another back home.  (Sometimes I worry a bit about how my 4 years in Cambodia is going to look on my resume to future employers.  But I guess I'm stuck with it now).

Anyway, you meet a lot of interesting people in Cambodia.  Some day I'm going to write a book about all the characters I knew.

The individual in the above article had a bit of a reputation among our circle, but he was always nice to me personally.  So I've been debating with myself whether or not it was bad form to link to these articles.  On the one hand, it seemed like it was kicking him when he was down.  On the other hand, this story is now spread across the British tabloids, so I'm just linking to what is already in the news.

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