Thursday, November 02, 2017

Movie slideshows--The Grammar Sections

(Movie Worksheets)

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* Say or Tell Slideshow
* Tell Slideshow
* For + Gerund Slideshow
* Let Slideshow
* Want Slideshow
* Going to Slideshow
Still Slideshow
* Don't Doesn't Slideshow
Something, Anything, Everything, Nothing Slideshow
* Different Meanings of "Can" Slideshow
This/ These Slideshow
* 2 Meanings of Like: Slideshow
Give Word Patterns Slideshow
* So (Adverb) Slideshow
Sentences starting with "what": Questions or exclamations Slideshow
Present Continuous Slideshow
2 Meanings of "must" Slideshow
* Adjectives Slideshow
Word Patterns with "stop" Slideshow
Ain't Slideshow
* Word Patterns with "Make" Slideshow
Different Meanings of "Old" Slideshow
* Different Meanings of  "Too"
Reflexive Pronouns Slideshow
Better vs Had Better
Let vs Let's Slideshow
* Past Simple Questions Slideshow
Word Patterns With "Put" Slideshow
* So (Conjunction) Slideshow
Relative Clause with Who Slideshow
Should Slideshow
Help Slideshow
Someone, Anyone, Everyone, No one Slideshow
* Keep Slideshow
"must" and "must have" slideshow
Try Slideshow
* 2nd Conditional Slideshow
Both Either Neither Slideshow
Bring Slideshow

I've included little mini grammar lessons in my movie slideshows for The Emperor's New Groove, Robin Hood, and Princess Mononoke.

These weren't supposed to be full lessons--just short little addendums to highlight some of the grammar.
But, more and more, I've found myself coming back to these when I need to explain a grammar point.  "Reflexive pronouns?  I've got a slideshow on that somewhere."

In order to make these little grammar slideshows more accessible and easier to re-use, I'm going to rescue them from their original slideshow and post them separately over the next few weeks.
In each case, I'll be posting 2 versions.  One version with only the grammar point (for people who only want the grammar without the movie), and one version with the grammar point, plus whatever examples I could find from the movie (in case you want to try to use the movie to illustrate the grammar point).
I'll be indexing all of these slideshows at the top of this post.

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