Monday, June 26, 2017

So the folks at take on the weirdness of the Gremlins Movie:

6 Bizarre Implications Of The Gremlins Films - Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

As for me, I listed Gremlins as one of my favorite films of all time over here.

A couple notes:
1) A lot of the bizarre tonal shifts in Gremlins that complains about are actually intentional--i.e. the filmmakers were intentionally trying to make a black comedy with Gremlins.

2) But... I didn't realize this as a kid.  I was too young to understand movie genre cliches and the subversion of those cliches.  I thought this was just how horror movies usually worked.  And I'm willing to bet it was the same for most of my generation.
It wasn't until I got older that I realized how intentionally bizarre Gremlins was.
It is partly that mix of childhood nostalgia mixed with the fascination for everything bizarre in this movie that puts Gremlins on my 10 ten favorite films of all time list.

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