Thursday, April 14, 2016

Topic Lesson Intermediate: Social Enterprises

(TESOL Worksheets--Topic Lesson)

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This is a 2 hour lesson I did with my Intermediate adult classes.
It was originally designed to supplement the Lifestyles Intermediate Textbook, (p.54-55,  Interaction: Choosing a Candidate).  As such, this lesson partly belongs to my Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks Project.
However, I changed it around so much that I think it now stands as a lesson completely independent of the textbook.  (The only thing remaining from the textbook now is the listening.)
Much of the middle part of the lesson is also designed around a Youtube video, and as such it also partly belongs to my Youtube Videos Authentic Listening Project.  The lesson also contains lots of speaking and listening practice.

The Lesson is mostly based off of this PowerPoint Presentation here (drive, slides, pub)

The lesson:

1. Listening about Social Enterprise--The Gist questions are on PowerPoint, and the listening for detail questions are here (drive, docs, pub).
2. Students discuss the difference between Social Enterprise, Commercial Businesses and Charity (Activity here--drive, docs, pub, feedback on PowerPoint).
3. Social Needs Vocabulary: Students are given a worksheet in which they have to match the vocabulary to the definition (drive, docs, pub).  Feedback is on PowerPoint.
4. Ranking activity.  Students are given a set of strips (which the teacher has cut up beforehand) and a ranking table on which they can place these strips (drive, docs, pub).  In pairs, they have to rank the problems from most serious to least serious.  They must negotiate the rankings with their partner.  Then, once they have finished negotiating a partner, the pairs are combined with another pair, making a group of four.  They must re-negotiate the rankings with the larger group.
5. Youtube video.  Prediction exercises and questions are all on PowerPoint.  Links on PowerPoint will go directly to the appropriate part of the video.  Complete Video is on Youtube here.

After the listening, students are given transcript for a final listening.  Transcript is here (drive, docs, pub)
6. Reading.  Directions are on PowerPoint, but basically students have to read and memorize short descriptions social enterprises, and then describe them to their groups.   The readings are here (drive, docs, pub) (Some of these social enterprises are real, some are completely fake, and some are loosely based on real organizations with the details changed around to make them simpler to understand.)

7. Production.  This part isn't on the PowerPoint, but in this part students create their own Social Enterprises in groups, and then present their ideas to the class.  The other groups are given money to invest in social enterprises, and after each presentation, they decide how much money to give to eacc group.  At the end of the class, the group with the most money is the winner.

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