Friday, August 03, 2007

...And Back To Japan

Well, it was a good couple weeks. I didn't get to look up everyone I wanted to, but isn't that always the case? Between being busy with the wedding and meeting old friends, that vacation just flew by.

Also while I was back, I finally undertook to transfer those old VHS tapes from our Calvin days onto DVD. This is a project that was probably long overdue. It makes the videos onto a more lasting format, and it also makes it easy to copy and distribute copies to the rest of the boys. I had a few of the guys over to watch the videos as we made copies. And then I took a video of us watching the videos.

The flight back was long (28 hours total in transit this time, once I add up planes, trains and layovers) and relatively uneventful. The only excitement was when the Vietnamese woman next to me tried to sneak into business class, and was caught by the Japanese stewardesses. They tried to explain to her that she couldn't move from her seat, but neither of them could understand the other's accented English very well.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed recovering from Jet lag, which is just as well because we had another typhoon come through the area closing down a lot of trains and airports. Good thing I missed it by one day.

Link of the Day
300 Towns, Cities, States Oppose Iraq Occupation


Anonymous said...

Grr...I'm still angry about that. And Bear, it's so nice that you rememeber me as the "short guy"!

-Paul Steen

Anonymous said...

ha ha!!! too hilarious - I'm so glad that you have footage of one of the best practical jokes of all time! good memories...