Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back in Grand Rapids

So as promised I am back in Grand Rapids now for the next couple weeks for my brother's wedding. The flight, as always, was a bitch. I tend not to travel well under the best of circumstances, and this time I had to change trains three times, change airplanes four times, well over 30 hours of travel once you include the lay overs and delays. (I had a really nice stretch coming out of the Chicago airport where we got all loaded into the tiny little plane, and then had to sit one the run way for 4 hours while waiting for the rain to clear up). And of course the excellent customer service at these airports, where all the employees treat you as if you are just barely beneath contempt. (Always a culture shock for me every time I come out of Japan).

Anyway, enough of my whining. It is good to be back and everyone is excited about the wedding. This is the first time all four Swagman kids have been in the same place at the same time since New Years 2004, so it is a nice little family re-union. I'll keep you updated on the actual wedding itself.

Shoko was unfortunately not able to make it out with me this time, which is disappointing, but hardly surprising. In the 4 years we've been going out, she has received numerous invitations from me to visit Michigan, and so far she has made it out only once. And even that one almost didn't happen. But to be fair to her, it is a long trip and requires a bit of time, energy and money, and Japanese companies are not famous for being flexible with their employees work schedules.

She did feel bad about missing the wedding, and also not meeting people. (Because she was sick last time she came out here, she has only met a couple of my friends to date.) So she wanted to send this video greeting:

Anyway, hope to get in touch with everyone. I'll be busy with the wedding through Saturday, but from Sunday I should be free to hang out.

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