Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Ling Space: What Do You Start with in a Third Language? L3 Acquisition

(The Ling Space Videos)

As I mentioned in my original review of The Ling Space, I'm going to try to give quick little mini-reviews to new episodes as they come out (much like I do with TEFLology).

This is going to be a short review, because I don't have much knowledge on the subject.  So I can't give any comments other than to say: it was interesting.

I'll just jot down a few brief notes:

* L1 transfer to L2 is something I've studied before--it's in just about every book on second language acquisition--for example here and here.  (It's also something all second language teachers observe on a daily basis.)
I don't remember reading anything before on transfer to L3, but I could just be forgetting it.

* I've never really gone much beyond L2 myself.  (I was never fluent in Japanese, but at my peak studying I think I was about upper-intermediate level.  I count upper-intermediate as proficient, so I'm counting Japanese as an L2).
Unfortunately I completely dropped the ball on learning Khmer when I was in Cambodia.
I'm trying now to learn some Vietnamese, but haven't really gotten far enough with it to make any useful comments.
Someday, when I progress a little bit further with Vietnamese, I might do a blog post on studying Japanese.

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