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IELTS Express Intermediate Second Edition Treasure Hunt Unit 1 Reading p.10-14

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--IELTS Express Intermediate)

This is a treasure hunt.  The questions must be hidden around the classroom before the class begins.  The feedback is on Google slides.

Treasure Hunt (docs, pub)
Slide Show (slides, pub)

1.  How long does the IELTS reading exam take?
2.  How many sections are in the IELTS Reading test?
3.  For short answer questions, always check that your answer fits ____ _______ _____ _____.
4.  For short answer questions, remember to use words _______ ______ ____ ___ ________.
5.  What should you do to help you find the relevant part of the text?

6.  If the passage contains information relating to the statement, but doesn’t actually agree or disagree with it, how should you answer?
7.  What is the first thing you should do when dealing with short answer questions?
8.  What is a word that means “the most important words” ?
9.  In which task will you need to match the statements to the correct categories?
10.  In the IELTS Reading module, one of your biggest challenges is time.  What will help you save time?
Treasure Hunt  
The teacher has hidden 10 questions inside of the classroom.  See if you can find and answer the questions.  The first team to finish will get a prize.
All the questions come from pages 10, 11, 13, and 14 of your textbook, so make sure you take your textbooks with you.  



3. ______________     ______________     ______________     ______________    

4.  ______________     ______________     ______________     ______________     ______________

5. _____________________________________________________________________________

6. _____________________________________________________________________________

7. _____________________________________________________________________________

8. _____________________________________________________________________________

9. _____________________________________________________________________________

10. _____________________________________________________________________________

1.  One hour
2.  3 sections
3.  the maximum word count
4.  taken directly from the passage
5.  scan the headings in the passage
6.  Not Given
7.  decide what kind of information you need to answer the question
8. keywords
9.  classification

10.  being able to skim and scan quickly

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