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Journal 1/6/99


January 6--First day back into the Calvin Apartments after Christmas Break

I left my home at four for Calvin. Brett and Cecil had already came and left and were out sledding when I arrived.

As agreed I picked Rob Patton up from airport at 5:30. We got back to Calvin and hung out. I talked to Kyle Reidsema and Scott Witte for a while.

I had also agreed to pick up Dace and Ryan Dekruif from the airport. Janelle, when she heard I was returning to the airport, asked me to pick up Jeff Ryback for her. This was a last minute change of plans. I didn't know what Jeff Ryback looked like and he didn't know us. Plus he didn't know we were coming to pick him up [ed note: this being in the days before cell phones were widely in use and it was easy to change plans on a moments notice] and so he wouldn't even know to expect us. It was a disaster waiting to happen, but I agreed anyway.

I left for the airport at 9:40. Rob Patton and Abby Puls came along for the ride and to keep me company.

The Dekruif boys came in at 10:34. This was my first time meeting Ryan, the younger Dekruif, although I had certainly heard a lot about him from Dace. I offered to help carry their luggage: "load me up boys," I said. "Swags, I missed you," Dace responded.

It was a long time before we found Jeff, but because it was the first day back to Calvin we saw all sorts of other Calvin people in the airport in the meantime, including:

*the infamous Josh Chun,
* Elizabeth Edwards (Wizzy)--talked to her for briefly. Her roommate Margaret Irwin’s Plane was delayed, so Margaret won't get in until the following day
*Also ran into Nick 217, Joel Hoort, Jori & Bekah who were all there to pick up Jason Bode. I Hung out with this group for a while.

Eventually we somehow managed to find Jeff and rounded everyone up for the drive home. It was a bit cramped in the old Ford Explorer because we had 6 people (Me, Rob, Abby, Jeff, and the Dekruif boys). Plus a fair amount of luggage. But we made it back all right.

Once I got back on campus I went back to the old Boer Bennick with Dace, and hung out there for a while. Talked to Josh VanHaitsema among others.

It turned out that whilst I was hanging in Boer Bennick, some of the Boer Bennick boys were hanging out at our apartment. When I went back to our Delta 1 apartment, Matt Bosch and Butterball were there hanging out with my boys. Bosch and Butterball stayed till around 1:30, and I went to bed shortly after at 1:45.

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