Saturday, May 21, 2005

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Update--youtube channels:--Through the years I've ended up with 3 Youtube channels.
The first one I started back before Google bought Youtube.  That one is HERE.  
After Google bought Youtube, in the early days of the merger I had a hard time switching back and forth between my Google account and my Youtube account, and I was eventually prompted by Google to create a second account.  That one is HERE.
Later, when I started video blogging, I decided to make a fresh start with a 3rd account HERE.

Crossroad Pieces
MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION Prohibition costly, violates rights ,
THE DEATH PENALTY State-sponsored murder is unjust ,
Confederate Flag Controversy Flag evokes memory of slavery ,
ABORTION ISSUE REVISITED Pro-choice is not pro-abortion ,
CENSORSHIP AND THE FCC Censorship should stay in the home ,
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Affirmative action policies needed ,
KYOTO TREATY CONTROVERSY Saving the earth or selling the future? ,
VOUCHERS: KIDS FIRST! YES! Vouchers do not put all kids first,
Cabinet lacks credibility ,
School Vouchers don't fix problem ,
Call to Justice
IMF forces Modernization ,
Vieques done wrong by U.S. ,
Iraq battles starvation ,
Chief Justice poor choice for speaker ,
Chief Justice Rehnquist's questionable past ,
Republicans ignore Bush's past ,
Two major parties not representing voter interests ,
Calvin students debate the benefits of Mosaic floor ,
Should "Governor Death" be President? ,
Protest against SOA continues for tenth year ,
Free access to music will help ,
Jackson's public record redeems moral profile ,
Letters to the Editor
Abortion statistics explained ,
Debate desirable
Articles about or Featuring Me
Open Church appeals to the dissatisfied ,
Students join funeral procession at SOA ,
Student political organizations debate opposing party stances ,
Editorial Spoofing Me,
Abortion is a form of birth control, statistics wrong ,
Spark Article On Rehnquist Controversy
Papers I Researched
William Rehnquist's Racist Record Revealed

Media Mouse commentary
Thoughts on Nonviolence
Philadelphia Demonstration Report

Media Mouse Book Reviews
Street Fighting Days by Tariq Ali
God's Politics by Jim Wallis ,
Karl Marx: His Life and Environment,
The Insurrectionist by Jules Valles ,
History of the Paris Commune,
Louise Michel ,
Karl Marx: An Intimate Biography ,
Osugi Sakae: Anarchist in Taisho Japan ,
A People's History of the World: From the Stone Age to the New Millennium,
Fire Across the Sea: The Vietnam War and Japan ,
Revolutions of 1848: A Social History,
Marx's Das Kapital: A Biography,

Tombo Times
Natsu Mero For Dummies ,
Oita Library: The Happiest Place on Earth ,
Ajimu Winery ,
History Corner: Richard Sorge ,
History Corner: Japanese Student Movement Part 1

Non a la ZLEA (No to the FTAA) (2001) contains video footage I shot and appearence by me in round table discussion
Breaking the Bank (Part 2, 26:04 into it, I'm in the background)
Protest!: The World Bank, IMF, and WTO in Grand Rapids, Michigan (2000) actually I'm pretty in the back ground on this video. You can see the back of my head at one point, and that's about it

World Trade Week Protest ,
School Picture
Homestay Pictures (Log in required)
Non a la ZLEA Thumbnails
Recruiting Center Protest ,
Peace Presence Photo

Amazon reviews (reprints of reviews on this site with personal and blog references edited out)
Poem to Maria,
Family Tree
Nick's page of qoutes,
Philadelphia Newspaper Article
Quoted in Tue Tre News,
Picture of the back of my head on Thanh Nien news

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Anonymous said...

I guess I should mention I came across your sight when doing a search for "Japanese Welcome Party" as I was trying to find out how to say it in Japanese! So I got intrigued and started checking out your sight. I heard about this whole thing w/ the Nova English school (I was a JET during '96-97) from my fiance who goes to a Nova center in Kanazawa. At any rate, I wish you luck. I know it sucks being unemployed (it happened to me even after I got my law degree!)but life goes on and somehow we manage to make ends meet. My small piece of unsolicited advise is if you're going to go to grad school do something you're passionate about. I ended up in law school after JET because I thought it was a means to an end. But the truth is I'm not so into what I do that I feel the time and $$$ investment was not worth it for me. I'm much rather be doing something Japan-related...but the life of a solo practitioner rarely involves the lofty ideas I once had. Gambatte! Ken Augen