Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Find Someone Who: General Verb Tense Review

(TESOL Worksheets--General Verb Tenses)
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[This is a Find Someone Who game specifically designed to review several different verb tenses.  It is based off of a lesson in Lifestyle textbook, and this is a modified version of one of their activities.  Nevertheless, I believe it can stand independently, so I'm posting it here.  It reviews the same verb as the crossword game in the previous post.]

Find someone who…
1. cleans their room every day.  _____________________

2. didn’t have time to eat breakfast yesterday.  _____________________

3. is currently planning a vacation.  _____________________
4. was eating dinner at 6 p.m. last night.  _____________________

5. will do the laundry tomorrow.  _____________________

6. has wanted to start exercising more, but hasn’t had the time.  _____________________

7. has always wanted to visit Angkor Wat, but has never been there.  _____________________

8. plans to meet their friends for dinner this weekend.  _____________________

9. is going to eat dinner at soon as they get home.  _____________________

10. hates cooking, but has to do it every day.  _____________________

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