Friday, March 27, 2020

Wow, can the news get any crazier?
Here are a few of the crazy stories I saw my friends sharing on Facebook:

From Yahoo news:
Seattle NPR Station Says It Will No Longer Carry Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Live Because Of Misinformation!  And this is our President, folks.
Of course, Rachel Maddow made a similar point several days ago.  The amount of misinformation that Trump is spewing at the press conferences is so dangerous that it is going to cost lives, so the networks should stop broadcasting it.
Trump Irresponsible, Dangerous w/Lies & Happy Talk On Fed. Coronavirus Help | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

...and then in other shocking news:
After Trump Attacks Whitmer, She Says Vendors Aren't Sending Desperately Needed Coronavirus Supplies "They're being told not to send stuff to Michigan."!

And then, another friend posted this on Facebook, noting the irony that it was the conservatives who warned us that there would be death panels if Obamacare got enacted into law:
From Gizmodo: Teen Who Died of Covid-19 Was Denied Treatment Because He Didn't Have Health Insurance
This same article also contains some disturbing allegations about how Covid-19 deaths are being under-reported.

Lastly, thanks to Whisky, who left this video in a comment to one of my previous posts.

Turns out the guy is from my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  And, also I'm trusting that this is useful information.  (I totally have not been doing any of this.  But I'm going to start.)

PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!!

Update: March 29, 2020
So, apparently the video I linked to above is largely disinformation.  Thanks to the comments for alerting me to this twitter thread here.  Also this article, which I saw on Facebook: How to disinfect groceries from coronavirus? Don’t leave them outside, N.J. experts warn.  It's mostly harmless disinformation, but the main things to avoid are:
(1) don't leave your food outside and
(2) don't wash food with soap.
For number 1, I'm going to give the video the benefit of the doubt and assume the video was talking about a West Michigan winter day.  (It's often colder outside than it is in the fridge, so you totally could leave the groceries outside in the West Michigan winter.  But don't do it in warmer places, obviously).
For number 2, I feel like I kind of knew that already.  But this coronavirus has made all of us a bit crazy, I guess, and so when I was watching him wash the fruits, I thought, "Well, whatever you've got to do to kill the virus, right?"


Whisky Prajer said...

Just to add to the crazy: 45's polling numbers are his best yet.

This from Stephen Marche: The Suez crisis toppled the British Empire. The pandemic will bring down ours.

Rachel said...

So about that grocery shopping video, here is a Twitter thread from a food microbiologist that I found helpful: Hope you all stay well!

Whisky Prajer said...

Those are both helpful correctives, to be sure. His food transferral system, though, is something I'll still be following. 'Cos it's crazy out there -- ya know?